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Is there a limit to how many pails of strawberries I can pick per ticket?

Generally you will be able to pick as many pails of strawberries as you would like, but IF we have an unexpected change in field conditions we may ask you to limit the number of pails you pick.

Do I have to show you something when I arrive?

Yes, please be prepared to show us your receipt when you come. You do not need to print it, you can show us the email, or a screen shot, or a picture on your phone. If you picked 5 lbs or more, please show us your receipt again, when you pay for your berries, so we can apply the $5 coupon.

What happens if the farm is closed when I'm supposed to pick?

It is rare, but sometimes things happen, like thunderstorms, and we have to close. If we do close unexpectedly we will honour your ticket in the next time block. If you are unable to come in the next time block, please call the field office - 780-352-2924

Do I need a ticket if I am picking up my pre-picked order?

No, tickets are only needed for You-Pick.

Can I bring my children?

ABSOLUTLY, we love having kids come! You can add up to 4 children ages 1-10 to each regular ticket for $2 each. For children 11 years old and older, please purchase a regular $5 ticket. If your child is going to be in a carrier or a stroller you do not need to add them to your ticket - they are free. 

Do I get 2$ back for my child's ticket?

No, your child is an add-on to your ticket and the coupon is $5 per ticket. But we don't mind if your child tastes a few berries while they help you pick. 

What does 5lbs of strawberries look like?

A 4 litre ice cream pail holds approximatly 5 lbs.

What time should I come?

You can come any time during the block of time on your ticket, even at the end. For example if your ticket is in the 1pm-5pm block you can come at 1pm or 3 pm or 5pm or any other time in between. 



Buy tickets for you-pick admission on opening days

Tickets will be available 12-24 hours in advance


Each $5 ticket is also a coupon for $5 off 5lbs (or more)



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